Kennards Hire Concrete Care supplies a comprehensive range of equipment for a high quality concrete polishing job.

A popular choice for flooring thanks to its practicality and smooth, clean finish, polished concrete offers the benefits of a strong, long-lasting floor that’s also cost-effective and easy to maintain. Getting an aesthetically pleasing finish requires time and plenty of effort. Kennards Hire Concrete Care not only provides the appropriate tools and machinery but also expert advice that will guarantee the desired smooth, shiny finish for polished concrete floors.

Prior to the polishing process, one will need to evaluate the surface to determine its condition. Floors can range from a newly laid slab to chipped and cracked surfaces, and even carpeted or coated surfaces. Assessing the floor can provide an insight into the polishing process and will determine whether it can be polished at all.

Following this, one will need to decide on the level of polish. Kennards Hire Concrete Care offers equipment for three levels of polish commonly used to suit different floor finish requirements, ranging from the full polish with a full gloss high shine to the semi-gloss, and the matte finish.

Once the surface has been evaluated and the polish process determined, the correct machinery and diamond tooling must be selected. Kennards Hire Concrete Care offers a wide range of concrete grinders such as the grinder heavy duty 4 head 415V, which is ideal for surface preparation, grinding and polishing areas in excess of 800m², the grinder single head heavy duty 415V for smaller- to medium-sized jobs in commercial and industrial environments, and the grinder planetary 240V-400 Series suited for domestic jobs as it is lightweight and can be used on stone, concrete and terrazzo.

Selecting the right machine and diamond tooling will depend on the size of the concrete area and where it is positioned as well as the power source. Kennards Hire Concrete Care is equipped to provide the right advice, helping to guide customers through the entire process and ensuring a straightforward concrete floor polishing process.

Kennards Hire Concrete Care is a specialist business of Kennards Hire, and operates a network of seven specialist branches across Australia. Concrete care experts are always available for a phone consultation to help solve all flooring and concrete problems.