Equipment hire company, Kennards Concrete Care recently supplied a hydraulic power solution that enabled a team of divers to drill a series of 28mm holes into a concrete seawall that was four metres beneath the surface of the water.

Kennards Concrete Care supplied a petrol-powered, variable flow hydraulic pack and core drill with 15 metres of line and also provided advice and guidance, to the extent that one of its experts was at the water’s edge to instruct on drilling technique.

Bowline Marine, which performs a range of underwater services, was installing a section of pipeline along a seawall at King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour in Sydney.

The pipeline was part of the cooling process for the air conditioning system of an adjoining office block, and twenty holes had to be drilled through concrete and steel so that chemset bolts could be implanted to support the pipeline.

In preparation, the existing hydraulic oil was drained and replaced with bio-oil (biodegradable oil), suitable for underwater use.

At the water’s edge, the hydraulic couplings were wrapped with rags, and then cling wrapped and duct taped, to ensure that if any hydraulic oil leaked it would be absorbed and prevented from polluting the water.

Will Manning, of Bowline Marine, said the job ran smoothly from beginning to end, “Kennards Concrete Care met the challenge with a suitable, cost-effective solution,” he said.

“We found it was more economical to hire the equipment from Kennards than to purchase it.

“Their service made our lives a lot easier. It was great being able to call up and the answer was ‘yes, yes, yes’ to everything we needed.”

Kennards Concrete Care has a wide selection of hydraulic-powered tools, including concrete and rock splitters, concrete crushers, chainsaws, a range of hydraulic demolition saws, including a 20in hand-held saw and much more.

Several power pack options are available including – 240v (only for splitters and crushers) and 415v electric and petrol.

Hoses measuring 10m to 20m in length allow power packs to be positioned well away from where work is taking place.