Kennards Concrete Care  supplied a self-propelled, 20 inch (500mm) road saw for the demolishing of a concrete awning, during the redevelopment of a luxury block of home units, located on the edge of Sydney Harbour.  

The road saw has a maximum blade diameter of 508mm, can cut up to 190mm deep, weighs 175kg and has an easy-to-read depth gauge.  

A larger model self-propelled road saw, which is diesel-powered and can run blades up to 760mm (30in), with a maximum cutting depth of 305mm, is also available to hire from Kennards Concrete Care.  

The larger road saw also has an easy-to-read depth gauge and, by switching the guard, the blade can be operated on the left or right side. Diesel power allows greater torque when cutting. The larger road saw weighs544kg and is 1270mm long, 781mm wide and 1067mm high.  

Kennards Concrete Care has hire centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.