A self-propelled 10" (250mm) captive shot blaster, which was hired from Kennards Concrete Care , helped John Agostino overcome a problem with his concrete driveway.

The problem
The concrete driveway was initially laid by a contractor and resulted in a much steeper position than intended. This created a risk of vehicles possibly slipping in wet conditions.

The solution
Kennards Concrete Care saved the day, by delivering, setting up and demonstrating the captive shot blaster.

"Both the machine and the service were excellent," says Agostino.

"The shot blaster exposed the aggregate, improving the grip markedly. The difference between the 'before' and 'after' surfaces was chalk and cheese."

According to Kennards Concrete Care, captive shot blasters are a revolutionary way of exposing aggregate to achieve a range of surfaces in a dust-free environment. An attached, specialised dust collector captures the shot - or steel metal particles - fired at the surface and the dust it creates. The shot is recycled, while the dust is kept secured within the unit.

Kennards Concrete Care has 8in (200mm) and 10in (250mm) shot blasters available for hire, and there is also a new hand-held model at the Perth hire centre.