A large dust collector, hired from Kennards Concrete Care by Polished Concrete Professionals, enabled extensive concrete grinding to take place in Sydney’s multi-venue arts centre CarriageWorks without disrupting regular activities.

Craig Ball and his team from Polished Concrete Professionals ground 1150 sq m as part of a project to create film studio offices.

The air inside the section of the former railway carriage and blacksmith workshops was clear despite the use of a large, 415 volt 600 series planetary grinder. The grinder was also hired from Kennards Concrete Care.

“Overall, we had to take 5mm off, but some sections were badly pitted so we had to go to 10mm,” Craig said.

“That obviously creates a huge amount of dust, but this machine is so effective you have an environment is virtually dust free.

“Hiring this equipment is consistent with our approach, which is to use the latest machinery and diamond technology to prepare surfaces for a smooth, highly polished decorative finish.”

CarriageWorks is housed in the old Eveleigh rail yards, which were constructed in the 1880s.

It was opened by the NSW Government in 2007 as a new home for contemporary arts, and serves multiple purposes. It includes studios for the production of the hit TV series, So You Think You can Dance and MasterChef Australia.

These large dust collectors from Kennards Concrete Care are suitable for high production machines requiring constant suction.

A spare 32 amp outlet enables a grinder or mower to be connected from the one power source and the jet pulse system makes sure the filters stay clean, maintaining its high suction rates.

The dust collector weighs 300kg and measures 1900mm long, 750mm wide and 1750mm high.