Kennards Concrete Care’s  Perth Branch has a wide range of concrete grinders and concrete polishers in Perth, including dual head 415 volt grinders, heavy duty 240 volt and petrol grinders, concrete polishing and concrete honing machines.

The dual head 415 volt grinder is an easy-to-use, walk behind machine, ideal for minor levelling of larger concrete floors. Concrete Grinders has different diamond grades, which can be used for different finishes and is used on rough concrete to remove thick glues and epoxies. The dual heads provide a wider working area than a single-head grinder.

The dual head grinder is easy to use and to manoeuvre and has a universal diamond plug tooling for numerous applications. Concrete Grinders provides gouge-free grinding at rates from 70 – 110 square metres per hour. Concrete Grinders has a working width of 760mm.

A heavy duty 4-head grinder is also available, along with a single head 240 volt grinder. The 4-head concrete grinder can be used dust free with a large dust collector.

Medium duty 415v/petrol grinders are also offered at the Perth Concrete Care branch. Concrete Grinders will grind up to 35-50 square metres per hour and are adaptable to both wet and dry applications.