Sweepers and Scrubbers are the addition to the range of flooring equipment from Kennards Concrete Care .

Being very particular with the quality of equipment they stock, Kennards Concrete Care always ensure they use the best brands. The Sweepers and Scrubbers are both the respected Tennant brands.

The Automatic Scrubber 5700 is great for cleaning large areas such as shopping centre floors, factories warehouses or even small businesses. The machine is capable of applying the chemicals, scrubbing the floor and sucking up the dirt and water in one pass, leaving a clean dry floor. The Scrubber 5700 has three scrubbing paths and is easy to use.

Kennards Concrete Care has also stocked the latest Power Sweeper 6650. As easy as driving a car, operating this machine is actually similar to driving. Just start the engine, press the 1Step button, control the machine speed via a foot pedal and steer. It has a 1.6 litre fuel diesel injected engine, dual dust side skirts and can get to hard- to-reach areas. The auxiliary side brushes, which are not accessible to regular sweepers, allows the machine to clean up on the curb while the main brush sweeps in street level.

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