Sayfa Group was engaged by Otis Australia to design a platform system that would allow them to access the lift pits at their client’s building on Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Welded steel platforms have traditionally been used for lift pit access. They are not only cumbersome and hard to work with, but also need exact measurements to be provided for manufacture. Any miscalculation and the whole system may need to be refabricated.

Additionally, welded steel platforms are difficult to assemble in confined areas, especially when it comes to physically getting the heavy equipment into the location and then using hot welding works to install the units.

Having struggled with their client's existing welded steel platform, Otis sought a simpler and more modular solution from Sayfa to access their lift pits.

KOMBI access platform’s modular design and lightweight aluminium construction specifically met the needs of both Otis and their client.

The modular access platforms/ decks were tailored to suit the site conditions; also, KOMBI’s ability to be adjusted in situ eliminated any stress of obtaining exact measurements to fabricate the system.

KOMBI’s modularity allowed the system to be supplied in loose components and transported to the exact location by hand without the need for heavy lifting equipment – this was a particularly important benefit, given the constraints of working in small spaces.

Although appearing simple in design, the installation could have led to frustration. The team had to make allowances for all the other elements within the lift pit and effectively build the system around them.

Otis was able to install the access platform using basic power tools, making any minor modifications as required using the KOMBI T-Bolt.

The quick and hassle-free install has cemented KOMBI's modular benefits to the team at OTIS, notwithstanding the significant cost savings they achieved by utilising their own staff for the assembly.

Why KOMBI modular access platform systems?

When access is tight and existing machinery or equipment makes the installation of systems almost impossible, KOMBI access stairs and platform systems provide the answer.

The KOMBI T-Bolt, Sayfa’s patented no weld fixing method, enables systems to be tailor-made and adjustable at the site, regardless of other structures or equipment.

As the requirement for access to lift machinery becomes an OH&S priority and part of a PCBU's (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) responsibilities, modular systems such as KOMBI continue to be the popular choice.