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    Sayfa Group

    Since 2002 Sayfa Group has been dedicated to their mission of saving lives. It is this mission that drives their vision to bring every worker home safely. As manufacturers of innovative, modular, easily installed height safety, access and fall protection systems they are recognised as the industry leader in their field.

    Sayfa’s comprehensive range of products includes guardrails, walkways, platforms, stairways, temporary and permanent roof anchors, static line systems, rigid rail systems, modular ladders, harness gear and equipment and all meet or exceed industry Standards. 



    KOMBI access platforms simplify lift maintenance at Melbourne police HQ
    Sayfa Group worked closely with Schindler Lifts Australia to design custom modular access platforms to fit around ...
    Kombi stairs allow Sydney property owner safe access to waterfront
    The KOMBI stair and platform systems from Sayfa Group delivered an efficient solution to an elderly property owner in ...
    KOMBI stair systems provide access to challenging site during Ballarat Line Upgrade
    The undulating terrain presented a unique set of challenges, which would have made the installation of traditional ...
    Stair and platform solution enables safe access at water treatment company
    Sayfa Group designed a stair and access platform solution for Australia’s leading water treatment service provider, ...
    KOMBI platforms provide safe maintenance access at Parkes solar farms
    The KOMBI modular platform system from Sayfa Group met the specific requirements of remote solar farms for access ...
    RAPTOR rope access davits for working on building facades
    RAPTOR rope access davit systems, available from Sayfa Group, are recommended for workers required to work at height ...
    KOMBI platforms and KATT ladders provide safe access in Ridley’s grain silos
    Sayfa Group worked with leading Australian livestock feeds producer Ridley Corporation to provide a custom solution ...
    Mitigating manual handling risks – A safety analysis
    The following is a summary of how the installation of KOMBI access stair and platform systems has the potential to ...


    Yes, all Sayfa products exceed Australian Standards. For a copy of our Certifications by product please go to our Certifications and Warranty page:

    Download our interactive order form here: Note: Be sure to open it in your pdf reader to enable full interactivity.

    There are a couple of ways that you can find brochures on our website. Download from Sayfa Library: All of our brochure are grouped by product category and reside in Sayfa Library under the Brochures & Literature tab: This can also be accessed by using the menu at the top of the website. Download directly from the product pop-up Literature, specifications, manuals, images and tech drawings can also be located by clicking on the individual product within the products section. Once you have found the product you are looking for, click on the thumbnail and you will find tabs with links to product information.

    Operation manuals can be found within the Sayfa Library. Simply click this link to operation manuals and select the relevant thumbnail:

    Installation manuals can be located within the Sayfa Library. Simple click this link and select the relevant thumbnail: Note: This is a protected page which can only be view by Sayfa Accredited Installers. If you have misplaced your password, please contact the team on 1300 301 755 or [email protected] to gain access.

    Images are easily found on the Sayfa website in our Library: Grouped by product category, click on the thumbnails to select which product images you would like to view. Need to download? Click on the image then right click – save image as – and download to your computer. You can also find images for specific products by locating the product in the products section and clicking on the thumbnail. Here you will find images, specifications, brochures, manuals and tech drawings relating to that product.

    No. You should never design, install or use a height safety system that has components from different manufacturers. Performance results, load ratings and certifications are only valid if you use all the correct system components as specified. Not only will you void any manufacturer warranties, you also run the risk of endangering the lives of those persons who will be using the systems. Substituting other products may cause the system to react unpredictably and in the worst instance provide inadequate fall protection should it be required. If you have any doubts about the compliance of your current systems, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Sayfa on 1300 301 755 or [email protected] who can organise to have a system audit conducted to ensure you and your workers are protected.

    We know that occasionally things don’t always go like clockwork, and sometimes goods need to be returned. Sayfa are happy to accept your returned goods, however we need your help to make sure we can process your return and credit in a timely manner. Goods being returned for credit are to be accompanied with a ‘Return Material Authorisation’ form (RMA). The RMA form can be downloaded from this link below: Once downloaded, please contact our Customer Service Team to obtain the RMA number. Tel: 1300 301 755. Goods being returned shall meet the following conditions: Proof of purchase to be supplied. (Invoice / Packing Slip No.) RMA number filled in. Goods must be returned within 90 days of invoice date. Goods shall be in a new and re-saleable condition (scratch / dent free / no stains). All goods returned incur a 5% re-stocking fee. Goods returned unpackaged or missing fixings will incur a 15% re-stocking fee. The following goods are not refundable: Any PPE / harness gear not in original packaging. Static line cable cut and swaged to order. Custom or bespoke manufactured products made to order. If the above conditions are met and the RMA form filled in and sent with proof of purchase to [email protected], the credit will be processed in a timely manner.

    If water is present on aluminium and it becomes trapped between wraps, sheets or other packaging material with no air flow to remove it, the prolonged contact between the water and the metal causes a chemical reaction which results in water stain. This can present as white marks or dark staining and can happen in a relatively short time, so it is very important that you act immediately should you notice any moisture on or around your aluminium. For more information visit our article, “How to prevent aluminium discolourisation”:

    If you are unfortunate enough to have water staining on your aluminium, we recommend using scotch brite heavy duty scour pads with clean water as a means of removal. Fortunately, if staining has occurred, and the moist condition causing it is removed, the stain will not continue to develop. or more information read our article, “How to prevent aluminium discolourisation”:

    Do not leave goods packaged and stored outdoors. If goods need to be left outside for a time prior to install, we recommend goods are unpacked and separated on timber so no two pieces of aluminium are in contact allowing moisture staining. In storage, do not place aluminium with other metals. Use wood faced shelving, racks and bins. Store away from caustics, nitrates, phosphates and acids. Use older stock first. Upon receipt of deliveries, materials should also be inspected for signs of wetness to avoid the possibility of water staining. This should include looking for wet packaging or pallets. Do not store aluminium near obvious water sources such as steam or water pipes, and keep it at a reasonable distance from open doors and windows. If the metal is received cold, allow it to come gradually to room temperature, which may take several days, before opening or breaching the packaging. Even a small opening can allow atmospheric moisture to condense on the material. For more information on water staining read our article, “How to prevent aluminium discolourisation”:


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