The Victoria Police Centre in Melbourne CBD is a 40-storey tower housing the new police headquarters. The building required access to a number of lift machines. With space being very restricted, access to lift machinery at various heights meant specifically designed configurations were required.

Sayfa Group worked closely with Schindler Lifts Australia to design custom modular access platforms to fit around each lift machine stand. The designs were quite complex due to the variation in available space. Multiple configurations were required that would fit in with the machinery situated at variable heights.

One of the machine rooms was particularly challenging: A mezzanine had been fitted to each side of the room but access was only possible via one side. The design of a bridge spanning across from one side now gives workers access to all machinery.

Sayfa provided detailed shop drawings to Schindler, drafting them in KOMBI Builda. This enabled a quick custom design that could be visualised easily by the client and provided parts lists and kit codes ensuring that Sayfa’s fabrication team could commence manufacture immediately.

Having understood the ease of assembly and on-site flexibility enabled by KOMBI stair and platform systems, Schindler decided to use their own team for the installation.

All KOMBI components were carried up to the machine rooms via lifts and then assembled in situ. Installation could be done using basic power tools with any last minute modifications made utilising the patented KOMBI T-Bolt. This innovative fixing bolt, designed specifically for KOMBI modular systems, allows each individual tread to be levelled and spaced to ensure a perfect fit.

The Victoria Police HQ project resulted in two extremely satisfied customers who couldn't believe the ease at which the whole project was completed.

Why KOMBI stairs and platform systems?

KOMBI modular aluminium access stair and platform systems are created for difficult spaces and confined areas, and designed with the installer in mind.

Budgetary blowouts in both time and money can easily occur should modifications be required to traditional systems once they have been produced. In fact, it can potentially require the system to be redesigned, causing expensive delays to the whole project.

Sayfa’s patented KOMBI T-Bolt allows all modular systems to be adjusted on-site to cater for any miscalculations or unknown variables.

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