Karndean International introduces the Pedigree Entrance Zone, a new range of textile entrance protection products by Karndean Designflooring.

An established supplier of quality textile entrance protection products for many years, Karndean Designflooring now presents Pedigree Entrance Zone designed to fulfil the exacting requirements of the trade, architects, designers and facility managers alike at an affordable install cost.

Pedigree Entrance Zone is totally waterproof and rot-proof with special scraping fibres that function as a passive barrier, removing and containing soil and moisture from shoes without people having to stop and wipe their feet. The collected soil can be easily released during regular in-situ cleaning. 

The new textile entrance protection products add function, enhance appearance and save money, especially in commercial settings. Pedigree Entrance Zone is available in a choice of colours and patterns to add style and function in almost any environment while protecting floor coverings within the building against unsightly and abrasive soil, extending their life and appearance retention.