Karndean Designflooring announces the addition of 12 new stone designs to their popular Korlok rigid core flooring range. The new additions expand your options to select stone look designs in the quick and easy-to-install rigid core format.

Korlok stone is a floating floor option that clicks into place using Karndean’s amazing 5G click-locking mechanism, eliminating the use of adhesives. Thanks to the built-in acoustic underlay, a Korlok stone floor minimises noise transfer through the floor, making it ideal for upper floor rooms. An ideal alternative to laminate and original stone flooring, Korlok stone offers quick and easy installation that neatly covers up subfloor imperfections while delivering the durability and waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl.

Korlok stone can be installed over most existing hard surface floors or uneven subfloors without worrying about exposing any imperfections underfoot, thanks to its innovative K-Core technology. 

Unlike typical textured grout, smooth and nonporous Karndean InteGrout is available with Karndean’s Limestone designs that will not collect or harbour dirt and bacteria, or crack with seasonal temperature fluctuations. 

Korlok stone is backed by Karndean’s lifetime warranty. The familiar click-locking system and enhanced core technology enable you to achieve an authentic and luxurious Karndean floor in any space with minimal subfloor preparation, reducing disruption in your home. 

Karndean also offers a range of colour coordinated accessories for their Korlok stone range to add that perfect finishing touch to your space.

Karndean’s 12 new beautiful flooring designs in the Korlok stone range take inspiration from the natural world around us.


Korlok Concrete

The popularity and appeal of concrete as a key theme for interior finishes has soared over recent years, making it the perfect canvas for industrial inspired contemporary design. No longer viewed as something grey and dull, ‘The Concrete Look’ has evolved into a clean contemporary style that features depth and character. Karndean’s designers experimented with different colouring techniques to transform the classic neutral design into an incredibly versatile, contemporary set of concrete-look tiles. Each colour variation highlights different features contained within the design, and the tonal shift within the individual tiles creates a visually appealing palette. The result is an attractive product that adds a new warmth and elegance to a solid industrial material, making it appealing for both commercial and residential applications.


Korlok LImestone

Recognising the trend for tiles with neutral, understated colour tones, Karndean’s product designers chose a batch of subtle limestone to create the new stone look. They put the stone through an etching process, sandblasting it to create a ‘bleached’ effect, which exposed the raw colour of the underlying material. The design team then implemented a ‘satino’ process, which results in an aesthetic that is smooth and has a satin-like feel to the final product. The porous nature of limestone gives it great staining capabilities, allowing degrees of re-colouration that are impossible with most other types of stone. The original grey limestone was used to produce further shades of black and white, as well as a light sandy colour reminiscent of the traditional stone found in the Cotswolds, UK and recognised the world over. The final set of colours offers a broad palette, suitable for any interior.


Korlok Terrazzo

Terrazzo originated in Italy where quarry workers used stone offcuts in their own homes. A material that has been around for centuries, terrazzo is currently enjoying a resurgence in both residential and commercial spaces. Traditional colourful terrazzo looks are being seen alongside more modern looks with tone on tone tiles, suiting the ongoing preference for a more neutral floor design. The original slabs sourced by the designers had quite a busy pattern and contrasting colour chips. In order to hit the combined concrete and terrazzo trend, they removed the coloured chips, as well as any very dark chips, to then insert a concrete backdrop that would be visible. The aim was to provide a more neutral look, allowing the tone to be the biggest attribute, while leaving the terrazzo features visible, but not as dominating as in the original stone.

Italian Marble

Korlok Marble

Calacatta marble has long been recognised around the world for its striking beauty and was said to be Michelangelo’s favourite stone. Originating from a single source – a mountainous area of Italy known as the Apuan Alps – Calacatta is both limited in availability and expensive in cost. The two essential features of Calacatta – a pure white background and clear, bold veining – make it unique in the world of marble. Karndean’s design team spent over a year developing their first Calacatta design to ensure that the recreation of this beautiful stone in an LVT format reflected the original’s quality and aesthetic. The Palazzo Marble design features the classic grey veining that graces palaces and cathedrals throughout Italy and is a truly cool classic that oozes elegance.

Korlok stone is now available for you to purchase via your local retailer. Order your samples online.

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