As the world emerges from a period of change that will shape our lives for many years to come, design trends indicate that the 'new normal' will be anything but normal.

In an uncertain world, we all crave reassurance and a sense of confidence and control. Firm Foundations is a timeless design direction that delivers just that. While this look is all about dependable function and practicality, it's also uncompromising in bringing understated elegance and comfort to contemporary living spaces.

Firm Foundations moodboard

Firm Foundations combines the strength and resilience of nature with a raw-edged and utilitarian industrial vibe. It’s a luxe take that updates the industrial aesthetic with warmth and an engaging futuristic narrative. Think raw timbers, exposed brick, polished concrete, terrazzo and luxurious marble. Add contrasts of engineered metal finishes and hand-finished surfaces. Think modern statement furniture and colour pops from a muted pastel palette that provide a backdrop for optimism and a comfortable life of luxury.

From inky ocean blues to fig greens and oat browns, a fresh take on pastel shades softens the classic industrial look with a forward-looking colour palette. Firm Foundations colour draws on the raw and energising power of nature. Be bold in exploring the dark side, use shadowy and moody tones to create cosy and cocoon-like space in which to retreat and recharge. Add colour with artworks, fabrics and objects – hand blown glass or contemporary ceramics and clay.

Whether at home or in commercial interiors, chocolate browns, deep charcoals and matte blacks will play an essential role in creating the confidence and control of Firm Foundations. Counterbalance the darker tones with light concretes, or sand coloured stone finishes rendered in soft tones and tactile grains. Muted greys are inspired by basalt stone, zinc countertops of a classic Parisian café or the romance of misty days reinterpreted for a digital age.

As we look to live closer to nature and bring the outdoors in, texture and tactility play an essential role in creating this look. Natural timbers, stone and concrete set the scene on which your personal style and confident choices can be layered. Start with your flooring and build your look from the ground up.

Firm Foundations moodboard

Contrasting and layered textures will help to bring gravitas and contemporary elegance to your space and prevent dark schemes from feeling too harsh. Introduce warm tones of timber furniture or the cool contrast of white. Metallic finishes provide a high-end look and comforting tactility – think rust and adonisation, sand blasting or chrome. Explore the purity and versatility of stainless steel or aluminium while copper also makes a comeback. Add tactile fabrics, natural leathers and subtle prints inspired by natural motifs to help build on the theme. Painted finishes can bring texture and tactility to your space by incorporating painterly washes and other techniques.

A less highly finished, more lived in look can bring a timeless comfort and relaxed feeling to your space. Subtle patterning, softened rough surfaces, and patinas contrast with clean and contemporary lines to create a sophisticated look with an overall feeling that is understated and timeless. The future doesn’t need to be daunting. With the dependable and timeless qualities of Firm Foundations, it’s warm and welcoming and you can be better prepared for whatever it may bring.

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