Flotex Vision is the latest addition to the Flotex collection of textile flooring systems by Karndean Designflooring .

Representing a revolution in flooring customisation and design, the Flotex Vision textile flooring collection features over 500 individual items to match every design brief, ranging from abstracts featuring an intricate colour spectrum to highly realistic imagery such as grass and cobblestone.

Creating the illusion of depth and texture, inspired by the detail of a Persian rug, a woven tartan or any other classic textile designs, the Flotex Vision collection can also be used to create truly unique three-dimensional effects to make a stunning design statement on the floor.

With over 70 million fibres per square metre, Flotex Sheet provides a high density matt substrate for printing, enabling vibrant designs and true-to-life visuals that can be produced in high level photographic resolution. Flotex Vision can help designers achieve all colours, tones and hues inspired by their creativity.

The large selection of over 500 individual items in the Flotex Vision carpet collection is available in a flexible and always up-to-date online digital library.

Flotex Sheet has been serving as a staple product in demanding sectors such as aged care, education and public transportation for over 30 years. The introduction of Flotex Vision now enhances the product with superior design choice and flexibility, increasing its relevance to hospitality, retail and general commercial environments.