Design experts from Karndean Designflooring have put together a few design tips to guide homeowners through the dark maze of gothic trends.

There is a perceptible shift to dark and gothic colours in interior preferences with the trend being noticed in several living spaces. Since many are quite reluctant to introduce deep shades into their interiors for fear the room may appear small and claustrophobic, Karndean design experts have pulled together some top tips on making moody hues work in home decor.

Go metallic for a contemporary look. 

Brushed or weathered metals work really well in spaces with a masculine or rugged feel, whereas polished metals are better suited to clean, modern interiors. Homeowners on a budget can opt for new pans in a stainless steel or copper finish, and hang them on the wall. Those with a bit more money to spend can consider buying steel fronted cabinets.

Use wall art or mirrors to break up solid colours. 

A gothic look always runs the risk of making the space dark. If this is a concern, there are lots of ways to introduce light including using mirrors or reflective wall art pieces to reflect natural light, and making the room feel brighter.

Mix dark and light to balance your interiors. 

Go all out on the walls with on-trend gothic shades such as ink blue, aubergine or even matt black – just offset the look by using a lighter floor covering. An additional benefit of teaming a dark wall with light flooring is that the ceilings will seem higher as well.

Add pops of colour to reflect your character. 

Do you know what goes best with a gothic look? Colour. Give your dark, moody and sombre interior a playful edge by simply bringing in flashes of colour. Opt for bright tones rather than subtle shades to ensure your accessories make a statement. Try playing with texture; matt, shiny, powdered, waxy and glossy surfaces stimulate interest and add more depth to a space, giving a professionally styled feel.

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