Flotex textile floor coverings, available from Karndean International , offer a unique flooring experience that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. These floor coverings are manufactured using a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely flocked surface of nylon fibres that is anchored firmly into the base.

A comprehensive variety of colours, patterns and designs have been developed to allow easy combination of textures and materials within the same project. Additionally, clients can select the most suitable colour and design for the application at hand, whether it be school classrooms, fitness centres, retail stores or quieter tone settings for areas such as foyers and healthcare facilities.

The Karndean Flotex textile floor coverings also display the Sensitive Choice butterfly, a symbol of acceptance by the National Asthma Council Australia that reflects the dust-mite resistant properties, advanced technology, innovation and quality of the Karndean flooring range. Furthermore, Flotex features high quality acoustic properties and has a slip resistance rating of R12.