Karndean Designflooring lists five benefits of Flotex sheet textile floor coverings over the traditional carpet.

Appearance retention

Pile tracking and flattening from heavy foot traffic over time is a common occurrence in carpets due to their pile height and construction. With over 70 million fibres per square metre, Flotex is nine times denser than the heaviest commercial grade carpet, and will retain its superior appearance long after the traditional carpet has worn out.

Limitless design possibilities

Carpet yarns and fibres are preselected and do not allow for complex design work. Flotex’s unique flocked nylon construction presents an incomparable canvas for aesthetic design, colour and intricate detailing, with limitless bespoke high definition and digital design possibilities. 

Impervious to spills, stains and odours

Fibres and secondary backings used in commercial carpets soak up liquid spills, causing permanent stains and odour. The impervious monofilament fibres of Flotex, which does not use secondary backing, do not absorb liquids and will not soak into the subfloor beneath, meaning greater appearance retention and a more hygienic floor.

High durability 

The tufted and woven construction of carpet, combined with high foot traffic, often leads to unsightly fraying and zippering at the joins and edges of carpets. Flotex floor coverings have each individual short nylon fibre embedded in the impervious vinyl backing, eliminating zippering and ensuring high durability even when exposed to heavy foot traffic. 

Simple, effective maintenance

The tangled mass of fibres in carpet tufts trap dirt and prevent effective removal by vacuuming. Flotex’s unique construction allows for the short, upright, individual impermeable fibres to easily release dirt and soiling. Being waterproof and rot-proof, Flotex can be washed and scrubbed just like standard vinyl, enabling simple maintenance, especially in commercial environments. 

Flotex sheet textile floor coverings

Flotex sheet combines all the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Available in a wide range of colours and designs to meet specific decor requirements, Flotex sheet textile floor coverings also offer hygienic properties due to the Sanitized treatment, which constantly refreshes the flock zone and backing, ensuring that education, retail, healthcare and aged care environs stay clean and looking new for their commercial extra heavy duty warranty period of 15 years.