Colour schemes in hospitality decor are going bold, as vivid shades are used to personalise the design, stimulate the senses and even applied for practical reasons such as wayfinding.

A reflection of domestic trends, interior design in the hospitality and leisure segments seeks to connect with the local environment through colour, pattern and materials, echoing the natural world outside and paying homage to local history. Bold colour schemes ranging from indulgent moody hues of midnight blue and emerald green to pops of vivid shades such as mustard, orange and fuchsia stimulate the senses as they are effectively used to create specific moods – blues for confidence and serenity, green for calm and restfulness, red and purple for drama or yellow for optimism, for instance.

Notwithstanding the bold use of colour, a blend of shades can bring harmony and an intimate vibe, while adding pops of a contrasting shade can offer a hint of the unexpected in a pleasant way.

Taking a boutique approach to interior design for the hospitality and leisure industry can deliver a personalised experience to the customer, meeting their high expectations. This could mean applying a bespoke style to different rooms or areas, which will be appreciated by guests that value service and individuality.

Hospitality designs on a smaller, more intimate scale can offer a homely atmosphere with areas of privacy within public areas for activities such as taking a phone call, working on a laptop or simply sitting quietly to read a book or newspaper.

An interior plan is not complete without flooring design. One could either choose to mix it up by using flooring to create effective transitions between different zones, thereby offering a practical solution to wayfinding, or use a single flooring surface throughout to introduce consistency that helps the different spaces flow effortlessly.

For instance, an understated yet elegant floor can effectively ground a daring colour scheme, such as the sophisticated Art Select oak designs from Karndean Designflooring when laid in an on-trend herringbone pattern.

Alternatively, go bold with a quirky statement floor that becomes the central feature of the design using Karndean’s characterful Kaleidoscope range or by creating a unique blend of shades and laying patterns.