Business model electric hand dryers from Jet Dryer have been installed at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach.

The convention centre upgraded from hand towels to the electric hand dryers in the bathrooms and is now seeing significant savings.

Not only is the convention centre saving money, it is also reducing paper wastage and, with the more economical operation, power savings of up to 95% have been achieved.

The hand dryers collect water, meaning there is no water mess on the floor, with hands drying in 10 to 15 seconds. They have a hygienic operation, with air blowing at 300kph, yet have a low operating noise and are easy to maintain.

Facility cleaning manager Jamie Tonkin said, “Since the introduction of the hand dryers we have seen significant savings. We no longer have handtowels installed in the restrooms; this also reduces both consumable and labour costs. Water drops and spills in the bathrooms have also reduced, making our bathrooms cleaner and safer. We love the new hand dryers.”

Business model electric hand dryers also feature in Gold Coast Airport, Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney Imax, KFC and Sizzler. They are suitable for public areas and large volumes of people.