Jet Dryer electric hand dryers have been installed at Sky Point in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

The installation of executive hand dryers in the Sky Point building has saved money, reduced paper wastage, and is more economical and power saving.

The executive model of hand dryer was used, replacing the use of paper towels. It collects water, which means no water mess on floors and dries hands in 10-12 seconds.

It is hygienic in operation and has a low operating noise.

Sky Point Observations Deck manager Warren Weller said, "Jet Dryer Hand Dryers have improved the efficiency of our cleaning department and given Sky Point a more professional presentation to the bathrooms."

Key features of the eco-friendly hand dryer include:

  • high speed drying at 540+ kph
  • hygienic and economical operation
  • fragrances and sanitisation
  • stylish design
  • vandal resistant and tamper proof design, requiring minimal maintenance.
Colours available for the executive electric hand dryer include Metallic Stainless Silver or Metallic Snow White. It comes with a three year warranty for parts and one year labour warranty. It is guaranteed for up to 500,000 uses within this period.

The executive model is suitable for large volumes of people and has also been installed at Gold Coast Airport and Convention Centre Sydney Imax.