Building designer RG Design Studio leveraged the quality and versatility of Hardie products to bring to life the homeowners’ vision for a modern coastal home.

The collaboration between homeowner/builder TyStyle Construction and RG Design Studio saw the selection of Hardie Fine Texture Cladding as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to render to produce a textured finish for this modern abode, while Linea Weatherboard was utilised for contrast on the front facade creating clean lines and visual interest.

By combining the aesthetics of a modern coastal barn with the rustic charm of a cabin, the duo achieved the desired look and functionality using products from the Hardie Architectural Collection. Created to complement each other, this curated cladding collection offers endless design possibilities so you can build modern homes from the ground up, with confidence.

Hardie Architectural Collection

Inspired by a family trip to Tasmania, homeowners Tyson and Maddie had a clear vision of creating a modern coastal cabin that seamlessly blended with their personal style. They aimed to demonstrate that a smaller house could still deliver a ‘wow’ factor by incorporating character, abundant natural light, and low maintenance features. Rich Graves from RG Design Studio was selected to bring the design concept to life. “We designed a home that merged the modern coastal barn aesthetic with the warmth and cosiness of a cabin, resulting in a truly unique project,” explained Rich.

Hardie Architectural Collection

When it came to capturing the desired coastal aesthetic while prioritising durability and a top-notch finish, TyStyle Construction had no hesitation in selecting Hardie products. “The extensive knowledge we possessed regarding the seamless synergy between each product made the decision-making process a breeze. We knew that by choosing Hardie products, we were not only ensuring a cohesive and harmonious outcome but also saving valuable time in the process. It was an obvious choice that allowed us to bring our envisioned vision to life with confidence.”

To create a captivating facade, Hardie Fine Texture Cladding was chosen for its calming and mild texture. Tyson explains why this product is a firm favourite to use in his project: "Hardie Fine Texture Cladding offers an excellent alternative to traditional rendering, providing significant time and cost savings without compromising on a sleek contemporary appearance. By choosing this cladding solution, we managed to shorten the construction timeline by 30%, while eliminating the need for multiple trades on site. This is thanks to the durable fibre cement panels that come pre-sealed and pre-textured, allowing for immediate cladding and painting. As a result, the building process is faster and more efficient – a win, win for both the client and builder.”

The building team selected Linea Weatherboard for the front exterior to create striking horizontal lines against the vertical timber and aluminium batten screens. “The particular look we were after was textural contrast, particularly for the facade as you approach the entrance,” said Tyson.

TyStyle Construction has a longstanding relationship with Hardie products, employing them in the majority of their builds. “Having used their products consistently over the years, the team appreciates the high quality, durability and performance of all products,” explains Tyson. Given that building exteriors are exposed to the outside elements day in and day out, the resistance to moisture damage exhibited by Hardie Fine Texture Cladding and Linea Weatherboard is a critical advantage in maintaining the aesthetics and performance. In addition, the ease of installation and familiar accessories make the project a smoother and faster process overall.

Mitre10 was the trusted supplier of Hardie products throughout the project. A longstanding relationship between TyStyle Construction and their local Mitre10 store ensured open communication and smooth collaboration throughout the project. “The Mitre10 staff delivered above and beyond with their expert knowledge and fast delivery of Hardie products when required,” says Tyson.

Hardie Architectural Collection

The end result of this collaboration is a beautiful modern home that blends form with function. Captivating on arrival and equally enamouring inside, the coastal cabin aesthetic creates an inviting retreat for Tyson, Maddie and their three children to enjoy daily. Tyson affirms, "The versatile Hardie products were instrumental in achieving the desired look, skilfully blending horizontal and vertical lines to create an engaging facade. The enduring and low-maintenance attributes of the Hardie products enhanced the building experience, contributing to the overall success of the project – and one that can stand the test of time."

With the Hardie Architectural Collection, It’s Possible™ to make modern like never before. We invite you to explore the full product range to build modern homes from the ground up, with confidence and efficiency.

Project details

Project: Modern Coastal Cabin

Builder: TyStyle Construction

Building Designer: RG Design Studio

Distributor: Mitre10


  • Hardie Fine Texture Cladding
  • Linea Weatherboard
  • Hardie Groove Lining

Photographer: Rikki Lancaster