As the No. 1 cladding brand in Australia and New Zealand, James Hardie continues to revolutionise the design and construction of modern homes with its commitment to the Box Modern style. Collaborating with renowned architect Joe Snell, James Hardie introduces the Box Modern style, a striking fusion of minimalist principles and contemporary elegance that redefines residential architecture.

Joe Snell

Box Modern, born from James Hardie's unprecedented research initiative, is a response to the global pandemic, escalating climate change anxieties, the strain of rising living expenses, and a heightened longing for the sanctuary of home. The Box Modern style, embodies the desire for seclusion and tranquillity with its imposing stature and sparse fenestration on the exterior. This architectural approach boldly embraces innovation with its striking features, including parapet walls, cantilevered spaces, and daring asymmetrical silhouettes. Offering a contemporary twist on traditional living spaces, Box Modern design caters to those seeking heightened functionality and customisation, presenting a versatile canvas to accommodate diverse tastes and needs.

“In a Box Modern home, every fixture, furnishing, and material contributes to the design story, expressing a profound appreciation for functionality and contemporary minimalism in everyday living. Of all the seven styles, Box Modern is my personal favourite. In fact, I am in the process of building a Box Modern house for my family,” says Snell.

"The minimal approach of a limited colour palette allows the beauty of surrounding materials and textures to come to the forefront."

Key features of Box Modern home design:

  • Hidden roof line: Parapet walls conceal the roof line, creating a sleek, flat appearance that accentuates the shape against the sky.
  • Bold exterior: Vertical or horizontal cladding and panel layouts distinguish each box shape, adding a dynamic flair to the facade.
  • Achromatic colour palette: Contrasting black, white, and grey hues amplify facade articulation, evoking a high-end aesthetic.
  • Geometric shapes: Every angle around the exterior features geometric figures, with protruding windows and window hoods accentuating the boxy form.
  • Hotel-style interiors: Interiors exude glamour through open frame furniture, luxury materials like stone benchtops, and an achromatic colour scheme.

Complementary products from Hardie™ Architectural Collection include Matrix™ Cladding, Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, and Stria™ Cladding, each offering unique textures and finishes to complement the Box Modern aesthetic.

"Cladding solutions are integral to defining the distinctive aesthetic of Box Modern homes," notes Snell. "Hardie™ Architectural Collection is designed to complement one another. When combined with contrasting colours and bold materials, the effect is visually exciting and dynamic."

Discover how you can create the modern aesthetic of Box Modern design for your own home through the comprehensive James Hardie Design Handbook – packed full of tips including architectural elements, Hardie™ exterior cladding solutions, colour schemes and material selections.

Images: Box Modern house featuring Hardie™ Axon Cladding with Axent Trim | Ferndale by Mazzei Homes