James Hardie, the No. 1 cladding brand in Australia, proudly announces the launch of the Japandi Design Handbook. This comprehensive guide celebrates Japandi, an emerging architectural style that blends the best elements of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism, redefining residential design with its simplicity and elegance.

Introducing Japandi: A harmonious blend

Japandi, born from James Hardie's unprecedented research in the James Hardie Modern Homes Forecast 2024, combines the sleek, minimalist lines of Japanese design with the cosy, functional aesthetics of Scandinavian style. The result is a home design dedicated to simplicity, quality craftsmanship, and natural materials, emphasising indoor-outdoor living. This style draws on the Japanese principle of ‘wabi-sabi’, appreciating the beauty in imperfection and transience, and the Scandinavian concept of ‘hygge’, finding joy and contentment in life’s simple pleasures.

Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding

Why now?

Japandi architecture emphasises simple spaces that provide a sense of calm against the busyness of life, serving as an antidote to post-COVID global stressors. Fundamental to the Japandi style are multipurpose and flexible spaces, designed to offer both connection and separation throughout the home. This approach allows areas to be used independently while also having the ability to come together as needed.

The Japandi Design Handbook is your ultimate guide to creating a Japandi-inspired home. James Hardie has partnered with Steph and Gian, renowned winners of The Block 2023 and owners of Japandi Estate, to showcase their expertise in bringing the Japandi style to life. Their practical tips and inspirational ideas throughout the handbook will help you embrace the Japandi aesthetic both inside and out.

“Japandi homes celebrate a love for earthy and natural colour palettes and materials. They offer a sense of retreat and respite, allowing for cocooning and tranquillity amidst the busyness of life,” say Steph and Gian. Their deep understanding and experience in design make them the perfect team to guide you through creating the Japandi look.

Key features of Japandi design

  1. Minimalist architecture: Clean, sleek lines and simple structures define Japandi homes. Roofs often include deep overhangs to protect windows from rain.
  2. Natural-look exterior: Facades feature natural-look materials, with Japanese influences favouring darker tones and Scandinavian influences favouring lighter tones.
  3. Earthy colour palette: Neutral colours within the same tonal scheme add warmth to the building’s simple form.
  4. Indoor-outdoor connection: Design elements such as shoji screens, fusuma sliding doors, tokonoma alcoves, genken entryways, and engawa corridors blur the line between indoors and outdoors.
  5. Interiors: Minimal yet warm interiors utilise natural materials, neutral colours, and simple layouts with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor connectivity.

Axon cladding

Ideal solutions for Japandi style

Recommended products include Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, which is ideal for creating a Japandi twist on the board and batten look with its embedded sand-like texture providing a fine matte finish against smooth Hardie Axent™ Trim battens. The 1200mm panel length allows for easy adoption of consistent yet unique spacings, typically at 300mm or 400mm. Hardie™ Brushed Concrete Cladding features gentle flowing lines that evoke a simple yet dynamic look, perfect for Japandi homes. Available in 1200mm panel length, it can also be used to create a tactile board and batten look with Hardie Axent™ Trim battens. Additionally, Axon™ Cladding offers sleek vertical lines that evoke the fine detail of a vertical joint timber, providing a distinct Japandi aesthetic.

Celebrate natural elements

Japandi design embraces the beauty of natural elements and organic forms. From stone and wood to bamboo and terrazzo tiling, each material is chosen to enhance the harmony and tranquillity of the space. The colour palette balances warm and cool tones, evoking a sense of peace and connection to the natural world.

Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding

Alternative expressions of Japandi include Resort Japandi and Queenslander Japandi. Resort Japandi adapts the style into a modern architectural concept, creating a highly sensorial experience with a subdued colour palette, featuring elements such as a Japanese-inspired raised lounge, charcoal tiles, an azure swimming pool, a zen garden, a moon gate, and a lawn sanctuary. Queenslander Japandi explores the crossover between the Japanese engawa, a covered area facing a garden that serves as a passageway or sitting space, and the Queensland verandah, which serves a similar role. This cultural similarity enables intriguing architectural exploration in thresholds and privacy filtration.

Discover how you can create the modern aesthetic of Japandi design for your own home through the comprehensive James Hardie Design Handbook. Packed with tips on architectural elements, Hardie™ exterior cladding solutions, colour schemes, and material selections, this handbook is your go-to resource for Japandi-inspired design.