ISPS Innovations introduces an extensive colour range for their benchtops, partitions and doors with CulourTek Creations.

Offering designers, specifiers and homeowners an unlimited choice of colours and eye-catching finishes, ISPS’ CulourTek Creations deliver striking appeal with an amalgamation of grain EFX stone flicks and grained radiance, paired with modern straight lines, continuous length and right angles with the option of no joins for the benchtops.

CulourTek Creations’ textured anti-scratch EFX surfaces can be used to achieve stunning outcomes while meeting customers’ specifications and colour preferences.

The wide choice of colours and finishes helps CulourTek expand the design possibilities for upright partitions, straight benchtop panels and doors, contributing options other than conventional timber looks or straight polyurethane finishes. CulourTek’s satin velvet face conceals a hard-wearing surface suitable for any environment.

All CulourTek Creations are available in an unlimited selection of colour bases custom-made to specific colour base, flick and shade choices.

Durable in performance and simple to clean and maintain, ISPS surfaces come with a 10-year limited warranty.