ISPS Innovations reviews the various features and benefits of their polymer splashbacks range including high heat polymer and acrylic printed splashbacks among many more.

Key features and benefits of ISPS’ splashbacks include GripTek backing; ability to enhance any colour backing depth; UV regulated; print to Bonethane or IPA Acrylic optional; can place lighting behind sheet without GripTek to bring images to life; perfect for displays, signage and splashbacks; 100% waterproofing; available in ISPS created combination colour EFX; and available in any colour, supplied cut to size and quality tested since 1998.

ISPS Innovations’ polymer splashback range is available in any custom colour. Bonethane, PMMA/acrylic polymers, glass and additional CulourTek building materials are unsurpassed in quality testing and performance. The ISPS range is recommended by past and present clients including Bunnings, Wendy’s, ANZ and Priceline among others, and has been featured in 10’s the Renovator with the amazing Barry Dubois and the team at Better Homes & Gardens.

Why are ISPS Innovations polymer splashbacks different?

ISPS offers an innovative polymer splashback range fit for any space and covering a broad range of specifications and applications.

ISPS’ product range offers the flexibility to create innovative custom interiors in any colour, size and shape. Bonethane, IPA Acrylic splashbacks and CulourTek benchtop and building creations are proven to exceed the expectations of designers and specifiers with their elegant looks, warranties, durability, never-ending colour options and re-colour processes.

Bonethane Premium

A true glass alternative, Bonethane Premium is a high heat polymer splashback suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with the UV regulated product available in any colour along with superior GripTek backing. Bonethane will not split or crack when cutting and is self extinguishing. Bonethane’s ease of cutting and application has never failed to impress architects, designers and DIY renovators.

Bonethane offers a much faster alternative to tile installation, being 38% faster than glass and acrylic splashbacks in processes such as cutting, drilling, repairing, weathering, application, and preparation.

IPA Acrylic Sheeting

IPA Acrylic surfaces are made from quality PMMA acrylic sheeting and are recommended for versatile commercial and domestic applications including laundries, gymnasiums, spa surrounds, table tops, digital printed panels and photos, underbars, shelves, commercial shopfront displays; corporate signage, projector screens, luxury bathroom splashbacks, display menus, vanities, showers, and white boards among many more.

Key features and benefits of PMMA/IPA Acrylic sheeting include superior surface with non-yellowing properties, available cut to size and shape, any colour and digital print possible, suitable for all wet areas, optional GripTek backing, and Australian Made product.

ISPS Innovations provides a national delivery service.

Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks

Bonethane polymers are available in high gloss, satin finish, various colours, combination colour EFX, metallic colours, and digital print with optional GripTek backing.

Proudly Australian made and owned, ISPS Innovations can create any colour or colour combination with their products quality tested since 1998 and featured on renovating platforms for ease of installation and amazing colour options.


Bonethane sheets come with GripTek backing, which eliminates the unsightly wear of silicone marks or delaminating of coatings once mounted to the wall. GripTek also creates greater depth of colour and consistency, equivalent to that of conventional sprayed acrylic sheeting.

GripTek saves time and costs in wall preparation when installing Bonethane sheets. GripTek is also available optionally on IPA Acrylic sheets. Bonethane is 38% faster to install than glass and acrylic, and lighter too with higher impact resistance, allowing the material to weather the outdoors well.

A graffiti-proof range of Bonethane splashbacks and signage is also available from ISPS Innovations.

DigitalART printed and coloured polymer splashbacks and wall panels with GripTek backing

ISPS Innovations offers a unique range of printed splashbacks created from client-specified images submitted as a high resolution 300 dpi EPS or vector file. ISPS will work with the client to produce their DigitalART printed splashback, wall panel or feature for indoor or outdoor application. Complicated requests can also be processed by the graphic designers and photographer at ISPS Innovations.

Feature and benefits of Bonethane Premium Splashbacks

Bonethane Premium Splashbacks are designed to have the same cutting fabrication as MDF, allowing them to be cut, drilled and planed on site. Available in any colour including metallic, ISPS EFX and digital print with GripTek backing, the splashbacks are totally waterproofed. Bonethane does not split or crack like acrylic when cutting, drilling and planing, making them ideal for the DIY segment. Being UV regulated, Bonethane is suitable for outdoor environments and has twice the heat rating of acrylic.

Key advantages also include graffiti-proof and self-extinguishing characteristics; ability to drill to the edges; ideal for corporate signage or feature displays; excellent heat distribution and electrical resistance making it perfect for hospitals and laboratories; superior strength with ability to withstand impact and breakage; can be 100% fully recycled into Bonethane; exceptional acoustic insulation; low weight; and Product of Australia.

Bonethane sheets are also removable and reusable in the event of any refurbishment, unlike acrylic, tiles and glass materials, which will crack. This means walls can be repaired and restored with the original Bonethane sheet.

ISPS Innovations is available 7 days a week till 9pm.

True glass alternative Bonethane Splashbacks: Everything else is just plastic.