Benchtops are a crucial part of our kitchen space, it is an area that requires boundless flexibility. Read on for seven tips from ISPS Innovations on how to choose the right benchtop according to your needs:

Tip 1 Budget & appeal

Pick a budget & choose a substrate that appeals to you. With so many beautiful products to choose from, it should really come down to what you are prepared to pay and what you can get for your money. Once you have made this decision you can address the next stage. Function and colour are key requirements, with the vast bench categories available there is an impressive range to suit each person.

The types of benchtop categories vary from laminates, vacuumed, timber, ceasar, granite, quartz, Acrylic, CulourTek, there is something for everyone you just need taper your options.

Tip 2 Warranty/ Disclaimers

Once you have narrowed your choice to budget you need to look at durability and the warranties it covers. When you make your choice on your benchtop it is important to factor in the warranty and any disclaimers. It may mean you need to spend a little bit more to get the utmost use and longevity for you benchtop space.

Tip 3 Colour Choice.

Before you choose your colour benchtop you need to take a step back and look at the total area you are working with. Most companies will offer a standard set colour range with each category, whilst timber and CulourTek benchtops offer unlimited colour range.

When choosing your benchspace, consider the colours of your walls, kitchen doors and most importantly the level of light in the space you are working with.

Tip 4 Function your bench space

Plan your bench space, make it workable, there is nothing worse than having no space to cook or no place for pots. Factor in the food preparation area and/or breakfast bar. All very important requirements that make a functional bench space. Most bench-tops sit in around 600 deep with profiles varying from pencil, bevelled edges accommodating varied thicknesses 20mm to 32mm, there are companies out there that provide custom depth & shape bench spaces you just need to shop around.

Tip 5 Joins in bench tops

Question where your joins appear, you should steer away from joins that appear near food preparation areas or areas where

water, moisture and grime can get trapped.

Tip 6 Where to fit your sink and maximise the space in your bench area

Remember a standard is created by industry and people follow this trend. A custom bench space allows you get the most out of the money you spend. So if you need to work your space to accommodate your needs, find the right company that will work with you and provide the service colour & the finish you want to achieve. When you create a budget you must follow through with a plan. Budget reflect one of two areas, one is long term the second is investment.

Tip 7 Bench profile, thickness, breakfast bars and water fall edges.

All three areas are sometimes missed. Each point adds to the look and over all finish of your kitchen layout. It is important that when measuring the depth and internal corner of your bench space that 50mm is allowed to cover the back and the front after benchtop is in place, it allows the bench to seamlessly follow the lines of drawers and doors.