ISPS Innovations presents DigitalArt printed DIY splashbacks in any colour for bathrooms and kitchens in domestic and commercial projects.

Available in Bonethane high heat polymer or luxury IPA Acrylic options, these splashbacks and wall panels can now be supplied directly to customers nationwide.

Manufacturing and supplying innovative Australian made interiors, ISPS Innovations offers Bonethane splashbacks, IPA Acrylic splashbacks and CulourTek Creations, all available with beautiful looks, reliable warranties, durable performance, and endless colour options and recolour processes.

Designers, specifiers and homeowners can choose from a high quality collection of acrylic splashbacks and high gloss wall panels as well as the original DIY high heat polymer splashbacks in the Bonethane range available in any colour and finish including abstract EFX and DigitalArt printed with GripTek backing.

Bonethane’s DIY high heat polymer splashback cuts, drills and planes without the hassle of cracking or splitting, deals with heat better than all acrylics in the marketplace, and is a great insulator for electrostatic conductivity. These splashbacks are recommended for hospitals, clinical laboratories, commercial and domestic kitchens, shop fit-outs, showers, bathrooms and even outdoors for durable signage applications.

Bonethane is 200 times stronger than acrylic and glass, while acrylic is only 17 times stronger than glass.

IPA Acrylic serves its purpose in the right environment. Splashbacks and wall panels from this range can be selected based on specific longevity requirements and climatic environment.

ISPS’ coatings and graded materials have been assessed using accelerated testing methods and stressed weathering environments since 1998, allowing the company to provide extended warranties and peace of mind.