Staticworx EC rubber anti static flooring is now available from Dalsouple Australasia . This flooring solution has one of the highest protection ratings against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which has become a threat in data centres, emergency call centres, and other mission critical environments.

Although comprehensively used in the US, an engineering company making commercial passenger jet engine parts was the first company in Australia to be fitted with Staticworx rubber flooring. The second installation in a month will include the supply of 33 rolls of the EC ESD Eclipse Presto Rubber range to an electronic company’s data centre in Melbourne.

Staticworx EC rubber flooring is available in 3 standard colours, including grey speckle, cream speckle and blue speckle. It comes in either rolls of 15m x 1.2m x 2mm or tiles of 610mm x 610mm x 2mm.

These anti static flooring tiles can be used over access panels but also can be mounted on the Staticworx snap-together, conductive Base. The Grounding is with a copper grounding strip for maximum anti-static properties with an exclusively made conductive graphite impregnated adhesive called Groundtack.