Dalsouple natural rubber floor tiles installed at two Gumboot Children’s Clothing stores in Southland, Melbourne and Bondi Junction, Sydney in 2007 show no sign of wear or damage even after five years.
The rubber flooring has been able to withstand heavy traffic from prams, toddlers, women’s shoes and sales people constantly on their feet in the stores. The floor is also comfortable to work on, according to the store manager.
Though available with a 10-year guarantee, Dalsouple natural rubber floor tiles last much longer with the record in Australia so far being 15 years.
Chris Connell Design chose the Gris Tourterelle (grey) colour as a contrast to the colourful kids’ clothes. The grey flooring has worked well with any change made by the store in the layout including installing lime green seats at one point.
Dalsouple natural rubber floor tiles are being used by home renovators and new home builders not only in kitchens and bathrooms (except showers), but also in rumpus rooms, bedrooms and lounge rooms.
Available in a choice of 80 colours and over 30 textures, Dalsouple natural rubber floor tiles are made from latex tapped from the rubber tree with the colouring provided by natural clay particles. Dalsouple has also introduced a new range of adhesives in Australia that is guaranteed with Dalsouple rubber tiles.
Dalsouple natural rubber floor tiles are available in Australia from iRubber Pty Ltd .