Dalsouple natural rubber flooring, available in Australia from iRubber Pty Ltd has been installed at the high traffic MONA Museum in Hobart.
The $75 million MONA Museum designed by Fender Katsilidis Architects has already attracted nearly 500,000 visitors in almost two years.
About 400m² of Dalsouple rubber flooring was specified by the architects for the museum floors. The black (Noir) smooth rubber tiles have been installed at the entrance, on the entrance to the glass elevator, on the flight of stairs around the elevator, in the large cargo lift, in the guest quarters and in a special large gallery room holding the famous Wim Delvoye's Cloaca Professional.
Even after two years of the installation, the floor has held up to the constant heavy traffic without showing any sign of wear and tear, proving Dalsouple natural rubber flooring’s sustainability and longevity attributes more than any other installation in Australia.
Supplied with a 10-year guarantee, Dalsouple natural rubber flooring has been installed in many airports, train stations, universities, schools and museums around the world. Studies have shown that although rubber flooring is expensive at the time of installation, after 15 years, it works out cheaper compared to carpet, vinyl or lino. Maintenance is also easy with regular vacuuming, mopping and spray buffing.