iRubber Pty Ltd  presents Dalsouple natural rubber flooring in a wide range of colours and textures, suitable for use in children’s projects.  

Dalsouple natural rubber flooring has a smooth texture and is comfortable to sit and jump on, making it suitable for children’s areas. Additionally, the natural rubber flooring is warm and easy to clean, and the non-allergen surface has one of the lowest VOCs on the market.  

Dalsouple natural rubber flooring helps create a healthier environment than floorings such as some vinyls with higher VOCs that can be toxic and carcinogenic.   

Dalsouple natural rubber flooring was installed in a new library in Sydney in the children’s areas. Installed by Master Carpets of Sydney, the rubber tiles measured 1.76m x 68cm x 2.5mm and featured the colour Paprika.  

Designed to be butt jointed, the natural rubber flooring tiles had a seamless finish after installation. A polish is recommended on top of the rubber flooring to protect the rubber and simplify cleaning.