DalMicro rubber flooring by Dalsouple Australasia has been tested by the CSIRO in Melbourne to have an R10 slip rating making it ideal for applications which are frequently wet such as kitchens. The flooring comes in six textures, Petit Losange, Point de Diamant and Micro Pastille, Martele, Canelle and Micro Canelle. DalMicro is suitable for many applications and with 80 colours to choose from, customers can find the perfect rubber tile to complement any existing colour scheme. The standard tile size is 1.76 metres by 0.68 metres, and can either be 2.5 millimetres thick or 4 millimetres thick.

Dalsouple Australasia rubber flooring is ultra practical and long lasting, with a guarantee of 10 years but a reputation of lasting up to double that time. DalMicro has a number of advantages including being waterproof, anti-slip and anti-allergic, warm and soft underfoot, and safe for children and pets. Dalsouple rubber floors are made from a combination of natural raw ingredients and synthetic rubber. The natural elements are fully renewable and do not produce harmful CO2 emissions which makes DalMicro environmentally friendly.