We’ve been using Intrim products in our houses for many years now, and whether we’re renovating a suburban worker’s cottage, a coastal cool family home or a modern Mediterranean casa, we know they’ll have a fabulous selection of timber trims and mouldings to suit, no matter what the style.

Our latest challenge was to transform a Sydney family home into a vision of #ModernMallorca. While you may not immediately think of timber mouldings when you envisage the Mediterranean style, they were an important design feature to bring this style to life. Let’s take a look at the key features of House 15 and how Intrim products came into play.

Mediterranean style house

Colour & Texture

Earthy neutrals and warm whites formed the core colour palette for achieving our vision of #ModernMallorca and mixing materials and textures within this palette was the key to creating warmth and interest.

With our #ModernMallorca vision in mind, we used beautiful textural stone features throughout the property, both inside and out, and engineered timber flooring with lots of knots.

We styled the home using this light and warm colour palette, and it’s the variation of textures that ensures it’s multi-dimensional and interesting.

Mediterranean style house

Design Details

It’s the details that make the design, so to bring home an authentic #ModernMallorca look we rendered the internal walls of the home, and although we could have taken the render all the way to the floor, we instead opted to add a detail that’s as practical as it is pretty. The Intrim Shadowline skirting boards system creates a shadow line feature along the base of the walls, which looks beautifully seamless and will also help protect the walls from bumps and scratches from things like vacuum cleaners… and general family life.

Unlike regular skirting boards, the Shadowline boards sit flush with the wall and don’t protrude into the room. We chose to paint, rather than render them, to highlight the detail.

Top Tip: if you want to achieve this look at your place, remember to order your skirting early as part of the wall construction. Intrim Shadowline skirting is installed at the same time as the wall, not as a finishing trim at the end, as you would with regular skirting boards.


Sophisticated Statements

In keeping with the vision, we square set the ceilings without a cornice and didn’t use architraves around the doors and windows to achieve a seamless rendered look. We’re big fans of statement ceilings, having used paint and wallpaper to highlight our ceilings in the past. At House 15, we’ve used mouldings to create different ceiling treatments on each storey of the house.

Our absolute fave is the decorative ceiling in the open-plan kitchen and living area. We created it using the new Intrim Casa Trim two-piece wall/ceiling battens WB42A-WB42B, which are suitable for walls and ceilings alike. The detail they bring to the room is stunning, and they work wonders to elongate the space as well.

Ceiling batten


Curves are back, baby! Did they ever really go anywhere? They’re everywhere in Mediterranean architecture and already featured in this house, so we wanted to accentuate them and build some more.

Curved walls called for curved skirting and, lucky for us the same Intrim Shadowline skirting we selected has a curved option too.

For extra decorative detail, we used the Intrim HR40 Half Round trims in several places throughout the home, like on the legs of the curved study desk and on the wardrobe doors for a bespoke curved detail.

Half rounds

No matter what style of home you’re creating, you’ll find all the trims and mouldings you need at Intrim.

Written by Three Birds Renovations for Intrim Mouldings

Photos: Three Birds Renovations