Intrim Fast Trim® is the revolutionary next-generation system of pre-scribed skirting and pre-mitred architraves, cut-to-length, location labelled prior to site delivery.

Fast Trim was developed by Intrim Groups founder Fred Quinsey, a former chippy who understands the customers need to save time and money. With the average cost for a fix-out of skirting/architrave supply and install contract being 66% labour and 33% material, the opportunity to reduce labour time provides substantial cost savings on the project. This is where Fast Trim provides substantial benefit. Fast Trim is on average 45% faster with skirting install and 55% with architrave install compared with the traditional installation method. Fast Trim also removes the need for skilled carpenters as scribing and mitering is completed with specialised CNC machinery in our manufacturing facility prior to site delivery. We understand that being one of the last trades on site there is always pressure to save time with fast-approaching handover deadlines, and Fast Trims installation time saving helps reduce some of these pressures.

Intrim also offer a free, complimentary quantity take-off service as part of the Fast Trim system, providing further cost and time saving.

Fast Trim is available on our large selection of timber moulding styles and is supplied primed, ready for painting.