Intrim presents a new online tool that allows you to bring your timber skirting boards and architraves ideas to life.

Intrim’s 3D room styler is an innovative room visualisation tool that enables you to explore design options, visualise your skirting and architrave ideas before they are installed, and bring your designs to life.

Getting started on the tool is as easy as selecting an interior style from the Intrim gallery that aligns with your vision for the space, choosing your ceiling height and then picking one of our top recommended timber moulding profiles for that style in a variety of sizes. Intrim’s 3D technology then applies the timber mouldings to that style. You can choose your wall and moulding colour to match your room, then save, print, email or share your design on a social media site.

Once you have decided on the profiles you like, you can order samples from our range.

Start creating now with Intrim’s room styler.