Message from Intrim managing director to customers:

We want to provide some information and reassurance around Intrim’s operation during the significant impact the COVID19 Coronavirus is having across the globe.

As it is well documented in the media, there are serious supply issues with almost all product imported from Asian countries, especially China. There has been a huge demand, which has driven up the cost of raw materials and labour, and the Australia dollar is at its lowest rate in a decade.

The good news for our customers is that all of our premium timber mouldings range, including skirting boards and architraves, are manufactured in our facility in Australia. In the short term we are not foreseeing any changes to our current lead times and are implementing a plan of action to mitigate any risk of stock issues.

We do ask that you be mindful there may be supply issues and price fluctuations with a very small portion of our products (stainless steel products including handrails and some LED handrail components), so please check if you have concerns.

Be assured our team will continue to support your requirements and at this stage, you should not expect to see any changes to our ‘business as usual’.

We trust we can move forward together through this difficult period with kindness and support for each other personally, and through business.