InterfaceFLOR Australia  were approached by the design team heading up Adelaide Airport's most recent refurbishment to provide a flooring solution that used a simple, timeless palette of natural tones to add a calming feel to the normally hectic spaces of an airport terminal.

As the prime gateway to South Australia, Adelaide Airport services more than six million travellers a year, and for the growing number of international passengers, it is often the first taste of Australia.

Combined with timber, stone and glass materials, the flooring solution forms an integral part of the Adelaide Airport interiors. For the project, InterfaceFLOR were asked to utilise the existing flooring and develop a custom flooring product to achieve the design goals.

InterfaceFLOR carried out a custom colouration of the Timberline flooring, and combined this with their Entropy range, a flooring solution that incorporates a natural variation in light and shadow with the interplay of colours.

‘Working with existing and new designs we developed a scheme that delivered colour and textural differentiation to create hierarchical zones and assist sight impaired passengers while maintaining our design focus,’ says Andrew Schunke of interior design company Hassell Limited.

By utilising the naturally inspired Timberline and Entropy flooring products in smoothing neutral tones, a calming organised environment for passengers passing through the Airport was created.

Also of importance, InterfaceFLOR's flooring products are easy to maintain and internal maintenance staff can quickly replace modules if required. The Entropy flooring, used in areas with the most foot traffic, has the added advantage that replacement modules blend for greater appearance retention.

Being so closely aligned to the tones and textures of nature, and it's placement in a place where environmental choices are paramount, it was important that the flooring's environmental credentials were also considered. This is another reason why InterfaceFLOR's flooring solutions were an ideal choice.