When designing the new Cabrini Hospital Children's Centre, Health Science Planning Consultants were challenged to create a space that was engaging and ‘child-friendly’, but also complied with all the technical and performance requirements of a healthcare facility. InterfaceFLOR Australia were tasked with finding a flooring design that would fit with these requirements.

InterfaceFLOR's clever use of shapes and bright colours from their Solid Foundation carpet range supported the rest of the design elements by creating an engaging environment for play and the exploration of features including a Melbourne tram, murals, pedestrian crossings, and even a planetarium.

Apart from creating interesting features in the flooring design, InterfaceFLOR’s carpets also offered the technical performance required for the centre. Being a medical facility the flooring needed to have low wheel resistance, slip hazard reduction, antimicrobial protection, and be easily maintained.

The finished result was a relaxed and fun flooring design that assisted Health Science Planning Consultants in meeting both the design and serviceability objectives specified by Cabrini Health.