In 2006 the acclaimed Adelaide bar, Wine Underground, was demolished after an explosion tore through the building above. However, a year later the new Wine Underground rose from the ashes into a two level restaurant and bar facility featuring modular carpet from the InterfaceFLOR Australia Black and White Collection.

It was important to maintain a degree of connection between the more casual bistro at street level and the formal dining room downstairs when carrying out the Wine Underground project, and as such a hard wearing floor covering that was conservative but with a contemporary edge was required to link the two spaces.

InterfaceFLOR modular carpet, in particular Born Free from the Black and White Collection, was chosen for the project because it is easy to lay, highly durable and can cope with a lot of foot traffic.

In a restaurant and bar, one of the most significant challenges is spillages, particularly of red wine. The designers of the new Wine Underground wanted a carpet that was not subdued and dark, but that had a pattern so spills would not be noticed if a glass or bottle was dropped. With this modular carpet, if there are significant accidents single tile squares can be pulled up and replaced.

Born Free modular carpet from InterfaceFLOR is also fairly resistant to foot dirt, so while there is a lot of white in the design, the carpet is resistant to staining.

Another significant consideration when choosing a carpet for Wine Underground was the sustainability angle. Since InterfaceFLOR products are all 100% climate-neutral, with greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of the product eliminated or offset, the modular carpet tiles in the Black and White Collection were an obvious choice.