Acrylic splashback specialist, Innovative Splashbacks Pty Ltd recommends seven useful tips for DIY-ers for selecting the right acrylic splashbacks for their homes.

Acrylic splashbacks are popular within the DIY segment for their advantages over glass splashbacks, which are considered heavy and dangerous, and notoriously easy to break. Splashbacks made using tiles are time-consuming to install with mouldy grout creating cleaning problems.

Acrylic material is 25 times stronger than glass, and only half the weight, making it easy to install and safe to handle as there’s no risk of shattering. Some acrylic splashbacks even look identical to glass.

7 tips to choosing an acrylic splashback

Tip 1: Is it high quality acrylic?

The quality of acrylic depends on the manufacturing set-up and nature of resins used in production. High quality acrylics come from clean, state-of-the-art factories and use of high quality resins. Lower grade acrylics come from ordinary factories and use of lower quality resins, resulting in spots and imperfections in the final product. A visual inspection will suffice when selecting a good quality acrylic splashback: It should look like glass, not plastic.

Tip 2: Make sure it’s perfectly clear.

Innovative Splashbacks uses only high quality acrylic that looks exactly like glass and is even clearer than glass with absolutely no green tinge. High quality acrylic is optically clear, equivalent to optical glasses. When selecting your acrylic splashback, choose optically clear acrylic, which looks exactly like glass.

Tip 3: Compare the total cost.

Most acrylic splashbacks are supplied in single sheets of a standard size. Though the cost-per-metre may be less, the customer has to purchase the entire sheet, even paying for what they will not use. Alternatively, choosing a cut-to-size acrylic splashback will be less expensive since one pays for only what one needs.

The total cost should also include the cutting fee. Some suppliers charge exorbitant fees to cut acrylic splashbacks, while most won’t offer the cut-to-size option. The delivery or transportation charges also add up to the total cost. Innovative Splashbacks has sourced the best prices for fast, reliable delivery of its splashbacks directly to the customer’s door, nationwide. Buyers can benefit from these special delivery rates; in many instances, Innovative Splashbacks’ delivery charges to interstate clients are lower than across town hardware store charges.

Tip 4: Does it come with a play piece?

This is particularly relevant for DIY-ers if they are planning to cut the acrylic sheet themselves. A play piece is a smaller piece that can be used to trial the cutting process first. A play piece will help the DIY-er avoid mistakes when cutting the actual acrylic panel for the splashback. Any mistake during the actual cutting can result in expensive replacement costs.

Tip 5: Does it come with easy to follow instructions?

Clear instructions for installing the acrylic splashback should be provided to the DIY-er to avoid any mistake. Though acrylic splashbacks are easy to install, having an installation guide will eliminate any risk of a slip-up happening because the right information was not available.

Tip 6: Can you get help when you need it?

Enquire about the after-sales support aspect, especially outside of business hours. DIY-ers typically work on installations in the evening or on weekends and may need some details to be clarified. Confirm the availability of afterhours support capable of providing real product expertise.

Tip 7: What is the colour method?

When buying acrylic splashbacks, one should also understand the difference between spray painted acrylic and extruded acrylic with a colour layer ‘glued’ to the back. The ‘glued’ process lacks the depth and vibrancy of spray painted acrylic, and fails to achieve the glass-like appearance. Being mass-produced, extruded acrylic doesn’t allow colour customisation.

Innovative Splashbacks uses the spray painting technique on their acrylic splashbacks for a vibrant effect with depth that looks exactly like a glass splashback. Buyers can also select a colour of their choice to perfectly complement their kitchen or bathroom decor.

Extruded acrylics with the colour layer ‘glued’ to the back are prone to yellowing and colour fading over time, which is reflected in the warranty offered. Where most suppliers limit their product to a ‘UV Warranty’, even reducing their warranty by 10% each year, Innovative Splashbacks offers a full 10-year warranty on their acrylic splashbacks.

Follow these 7 tips and make sure your acrylic splashback really is The Affordable Luxury.