Acrylic splashbacks from Innovative Splashbacks were specified by the architects for the $100 million Element Apartments project in Canberra.

Increasingly preferred as an alternative to glass splashbacks, Innovative’s acrylic splashbacks met the developers’ brief for the highest quality finish in the shower panels to be fitted in the luxurious high-end apartments.

Located at the edge of the Kingston harbour, Element Apartments sets a new standard in luxury living. The acrylic splashbacks from Innovative Splashbacks met the requirements of the developers for a product that displayed high quality, lowered the cost of the project, and could be installed quickly.

1 Extremely high quality and consistent with luxurious high-end apartments

Given the exclusivity of the apartments, the developers sought a product that would guarantee a high quality finish. Innovative Splashbacks is a renowned and trusted brand, whose acrylic has been utilised in both commercial and residential projects worldwide for over 80 years.

To ensure the high quality finish, the 6mm thick acrylic splashback panels are spray painted by hand in a clean, dust-free environment. Displaying high optical transparency, the splashbacks allow the maximum amount of light through. Made using the highest quality acrylic in the world and spray painted just like glass, Innovative splashbacks look exactly like glass splashbacks.

Splashbacks for the Canberra luxury apartment project were chosen in two colours, blue and orange, which were metallised to meet the architect’s specific colour and finish criteria. The metallic blue and orange splashback panels give each bathroom a vibrant and lively finish, while providing a feature point in the bathrooms against the tiled wall surfaces.

2 Lower the cost of the project

A luxurious finish can be achieved with an unlimited budget. However, this would make most developments unaffordable and uneconomical. There are many new products on the market that match these standards in a more affordable price offering.

For instance, Innovative Splashbacks offers their splashbacks at about 30% less cost than glass. Acrylic splashbacks also save on costs during installation. Weighing twice as much as acrylic, glass splashbacks are difficult to handle and install. The lightweight acrylic can be cut on-site using standard woodworking tools without any preparation. In the Canberra installation, the panels were installed in an average of 17 minutes each with the work including preparing the walls, measuring the size required, cutting the panels to size and installation.

3 Speed of installation

Developers are highly invested in their businesses and always under pressure to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Innovative Splashbacks addresses this critical requirement by offering two major advantages over glass and other splashback alternatives:

Being light and far more rigid than other acrylic/polymer splashbacks, Innovative splashbacks can be cut on-site using standard woodworking tools, allowing the installation team to complete their job faster and benefiting the developer through time savings.

Secondly, Innovative Splashbacks follows the philosophy of ‘measure, cut and install’. Installing an acrylic panel is as simple as measuring the space, cutting it to size, drilling tap-holes and fixing it, which is not possible with glass. Innovative splashbacks, unlike glass, do not require precise measurements before manufacturing.

In this application, the splashback panels were on-site before installation at the exact required staggered delivery intervals. Since any panel could be installed in any apartment, there was no hassle figuring out the right panel for each shower.

Construction projects are often penalised tens of thousands of dollars for late completion. Delays can occur if a glass splashback were to break during installation or the measurements turn out incorrect, and the replacement took time to arrive.

Innovative Splashbacks delivers industry-leading turnaround times, ensuring their acrylic splashbacks are supplied to the worksite quickly and without delays.