Ian Lyell Design  specialises in garden design, landscape design, landscape elements, ceramics urns, fountains and garden tools. In garden designing, Ian Lyell Design specialises in domestic gardens, courtyards, balcony gardens and also specialises in commercial projects.

Ian Lyell Design, with over 18 years of experience in the horticultural industry, meticulously looks into the technical aspects of each landscape design.

Ian Lyell Design has a wholesale nursery which stocks quality plants, statuary, fountains, pots and ornaments. This collection includes an extensive range of exclusive hand crafted terracotta pots, stunning statues, ceramics urns, fountains and classical garden ornaments. Ian Lyell Design also offers a wide variety of vases and bowls which are made in Venice.

Ian Lyell Design has an extensive range of Italian ceramics which are sourced from Florence while the hand blown glasses are sourced from Venice. Each glass piece is hand crafted in such a way that no two pieces are equally alike.

Ian Lyell Design also stocks a wide range of terracotta pots which are traditionally hand crafted in Florence and Italy. Ian Lyell Design employs high quality raw material in its terracotta pots and pays great attention to detail during designing and decoration of pots.