Ian Lyell Design  specialises in a wide range of quality stainless steel gardening tools. Gardening tools are designed and hand crafted in Florence using fine leather material. Ian Lyell Design also offers a wide range of imported sculptures, fountains, terracotta pots and ornaments.

Range of gardening tools includes hand trowel, hand fork, transplanter and secateurs. The tools are designed for functionality, comfort and long lasting features.

Ian Lyell Design specialises in designing gardens which are serene and in accordance to its surroundings and works uninterruptedly through interior and exterior spaces.

In its terracotta pot collection, Ian Lyell Design employs high quality raw material to achieve long-lasting results, which in turn increases the beauty and value of the pots as it ages. All pots are originally made after a careful study on arts and decoration and are available in terracotta and grey terracotta colours. Terracotta pots fit into all traditional, classic and modern decors.

Ian Lyell Design has created some of Melbourne’s stylish and exclusive gardens and offers consultation services, landscape designing service, exclusive products for both interior and exterior designs, project implementation and project management services.