HVG Decorative Building Products is a leader in the Australian decorative surfacing space. Offering a wide range of Wilsonart Low Pressure Melamine Panels, which are a refined option for applications such as cabinets, joinery, wall paneling and furniture. Wilsonart® LPM is available in a number of on-trend décors and finishes with matching edging and alignment to High Pressure Laminate offerings, providing a coordinated story for any design requirement.

The Aurora Women’s Health Clinic in Woolloongabba, QLD is a thoughtfully designed space that features Wilsonart® LPM in Pewter Oak, Madagascar, AEON Calcutta Marble, Designer White and Traceless Monocrete (TS) and Zenolite® Arctic Acrylic.


Wilsonart®'s Pewter Oak LPM was chosen for its soft, neutral hues and installed throughout a number of rooms in the clinic to enhance the wall cabinetry. The Designer White LPM is used across additional storage in most rooms, enhancing the premium aesthetic. Wilsonart®’s AEON Calcutta Marble is a timeless and elegant material that gives a luxurious look without the high cost of natural marble and with its soft grey background and dramatic veining, this laminate adds a touch of sophistication to the clinic. It was the ideal choice of material for the clinic's reception, bench-tops and desks. Lastly, Zenolite®’s Arctic acrylic completes the look, and the functionality of various rooms serving as a highly durable and hygienic backslash.

HVG Decorative Building Products is a 100% Australian owned company with a team of passionate people who are proud to distribute leading brands that are versatile, innovative and high quality. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident across the product ranges and brands that HVG Decorative Building Products offers. This is showcased in the Aurora Women’s Health Clinic, which features some of the latest and most stylish Wilsonart® LPM products. The clinic is a shining example of how Wilsonart® LPM can be used to create beautiful, functional and durable spaces.


If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile and innovative decorative surfacing solution, then Wilsonart® LPM is the perfect choice for you. With a wide range of décors and finishes to choose from, Wilsonart® LPM can be used to create any look you desire.

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