Goodfolks restaurant, nestled in the heart of Georgetown, Texas, finds its home within the illustrious M. B. Lockett Building. This architectural gem stands as a testament to High Victorian commercial architecture, boasting a captivating blend of brick and limestone. Constructed in 1885, the building has witnessed the passage of time, transitioning through various incarnations, from a dry goods merchant to a catering establishment and eventually, a beloved burger joint.

Unhinged Studio collaborated with Noack Little Architecture & Interiors to reimagine the space, preserving its rich heritage while injecting a modern aesthetic to create an inviting dining and nightlife destination.

In October of 2021, Goodfolks, a dining and night destination, was born. The restaurant is infused with materials, colours and textures that pay homage to the structure’s history, while serving practical needs of extreme durability for a high-traffic restaurant environment.

The design objectives

  • Honour the building’s storied past while infusing it with contemporary appeal.
  • Address challenges such as dark ambiance and low ceilings to create an open, airy atmosphere.
  • Select materials that balance durability, affordability, and visual elegance.
  • Achieve a timeless yet modern design.

“It was important to balance the old with the new,” says Flores, Unhinged Studio owner and principal, of the interior design. “We wanted to celebrate the building’s storied history with a feel of timelessness, but also give it a fresh, clean sense of modernity that doesn’t feel out of place.”

The design approach

Emphasis was placed on selecting materials that not only enhanced visual appeal but also met practical requirements such as durability and affordability.

The design team meticulously curated materials, colours and textures that pay homage to the building’s Victorian heritage while embracing a contemporary aesthetic.

Wilsonart® THINSCAPE® Performance Tops were chosen for their timeless marble look, ultra-thin profile, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Calcutta Blanc, a classic Italian marble design, was selected to add elegance and versatility to the space.

“Trying to achieve the timeless marble look while working within our budget, we were guided to two products: quartz or THINSCAPE,” Allen, senior interior designer, explains.

“Ultimately, THINSCAPE came out ahead for its performance specifications and because the look of the marble was just so deep and warm.”

The THINSCAPE collection features 16 versatile stone designs. Flores and Allen selected Calcutta Blanc, a classic, large-scale Italian marble look with a grey and taupe vein structure and lustre finish. The richly veined marble absorbs the warm neutral tones of the space, marrying them with the monochromatic colour palette seen across the space, from the walls, lighting and tilework.

“I love it because it can go warm or cool depending on its surroundings,” Flores says of the finish. “It has so much versatility.”

Wilsonart THINSCAPE Calcutta Blanc

What sets THINSCAPE apart is the sleek, ultra-thin profile (only 12.7mm thick), providing rich textural depth akin to natural stone while boasting superior durability against scratches, impact and moisture.

The lightweight nature of THINSCAPE made it easy to handle and install, reducing the risk of damage to floors and edges. Additionally, its workability facilitated smooth attachment of tabletops to bases, ensuring long-term durability in a high-traffic restaurant setting.

THINSCAPE’s easy fabrication process, including pre-finishing on both faces and compatibility with standard woodworking tools, streamlined the fabrication of tabletops, saving time and labour costs. The slabs are pre-finished on both faces, so there’s a huge time-saving in the finishing process – pieces are cut to size using standard wood shop tools, and the only sanding required is along the edges after the edge profile is routed.

“What really sold me was the knife edge,” says Flores. “Being able to easily cut and sand the edges to create that knife edge look with THINSCAPE was huge for us.”

The design outcome

“THINSCAPE was just a natural choice that came with real practical performance for a restaurant,” Allen explains. “It is relatively lighter in comparison to quartz, and staff members don’t want to move around a heavy quartz or stone table and risk tipping and chipping or breaking the edges or scratching up the floors.”

Since its opening in October 2021, Goodfolks Restaurant has garnered positive reviews for its upscale comfort food, reliable service, and inviting décor. The THINSCAPE surfaces have proven to be as attractive and durable as anticipated, maintaining their pristine appearance amidst steady customer traffic. This successful project exemplifies the seamless integration of historical preservation with modern design principles, resulting in a timeless yet functional dining experience.

“It’s performing exactly like we hoped,” he says. And that performance will last for years to come.