HVG Decorative Building Products introduces Scratch Resistant Matt (SRM) laminate, the latest product innovation from Homapal, a leading provider of speciality laminates for interior design.

Specialising in high-quality interior design products suitable for retail spaces, hospitality, residential areas, educational institutions, and offices, Homapal ensures their extensive range of real metal, magnetic, writable, and projection surfaces is continuously updated to align with the latest market trends, providing unlimited possibilities for creativity and customisation.

Homapal's Scratch Resistant Matt laminates combine luxury and striking looks with functionality, offering architects, designers, and joiners a ground-breaking surface solution for a wide range of interior applications.

The SRM laminate stands out among Homapal’s offerings with its remarkable scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint finish. It is available in a broad choice of textures, colours and finishes, including bronze, champagne, and aluminium. This innovative surface is produced using a special embossing technique and a unique manufacturing process that results in an ultra-matt appearance with a depth-enhancing effect.


(L-R) 325 SRM - Brushed Champagne | 451 SRM - Brushed Bronze | 456 SRM - Brushed Medium Bronze | 431 SRM - Cross Crushed Aluminium

The SRM range is suitable for vertical and select low wear horizontal interior applications.

Homapal Real Metals

Homapal Real Metals

Homapal also continues to provide luxurious metal finishes. The Real Metal (RM) laminate, with its striking colouring and sheen, offers the look and feel of authentic metal surfaces. Available in silver, gold, bronze, brass and copper, it adds a delicate shimmer to creative designs, making a bold statement in any interior space.

Homapal Magnetic & Writeable Surfaces

Homapal Magnetic & Writeable Surfaces

Another standout solution is the Homapal range of Magnetic & Writable (MW) laminates. This versatile surface is available in a range of finishes, from writable gloss to chalkboard matt. It also offers a specialised projection surface with reduced light reflectivity. The MW laminate finds applications in diverse settings, from shop fittings and shop windows to boardrooms, office fitouts, and educational environments.

Homapal – Shaping emotions in interior spaces

With their commitment to delivering exceptional quality and design, Homapal continues to shape emotions in interior spaces. Their range of laminates, including the Scratch Resistant Matt product, offers architects, planners, designers, and joiners the opportunity to transform interiors with refinement and elegance. Homapal’s laminates are not just functional surfaces – they are also tools that ignite creativity and bring unique character to interior design.