Situated in Northern NSW, Hurford Hardwood is positioned perfectly to distribute their range of hardwood products to any state in Australia, or to any port for shipment anywhere in the world.

The Hurford Hardwood mill provides a comprehensive range of native hardwood timbers that provide a broad spectrum of colour choices for all timber requirements. Each log is individually sourced under strict conditions to minimise environmental impact and ensure ongoing resource sustainability. All Hurford Hardwood by-products, such as sawdust and woodchip, also become valuable resources utilised by local and regional businesses.

Hurfords are committed to continually developing new procedures and upgrading their milling equipment to enhance performance of their hardwood products in the market. They are also always working on the development of new products to compliment their existing hardwood range.

Included in Hurford Hardwoods range is Ultra10 Solid Hardwood Flooring, a hardwood product that creates a beautiful living space and is also an environmentally wise choice.

Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, Hurford Hardwood has maximised the use of the hardwood resource by producing a 10mm thick board that is stable and has the same lifespan as much thicker products. Ultra10 hardwood flooring is designed to be installed over a solid subfloor, such as plywood and particleboard flooring.

Ultra10 hardwood flooring is available in a wide range of species to offer a diverse palette of colours to choose from, including:

  • Spotted Gum - light coffee brown to dark chocolate with some reddish tinges
  • Sydney Blue Gum - dark, rich pink through to deep red-brown
  • Flooded Gum - palest pink to soft red
  • Blackbutt - cream to pale brown
  • Brushbox - pinkish grey to a rich, reddish brown
  • Grey Ironbark - pale brown to dark chocolate brown (may also include some dark, luscious reds.)
Ultra10 hardwood flooring is also available in Select, Prestige and Rustic grades allowing the choice of a floor with a minimum or large naturalrustic feature.

Hurford Hardwood's state of the art manufacturing facilities, full time commitment to quality assurance, and a tailor made in house training program synergise effortlessly with the AFTA quality assurance system to ensure that all Hurford Hardwood timber products will continue to meet exacting standards.