Hurford Hardwood are pleased to introduce Ultra10 Solid, a hardwood overlay flooring that creates a beautiful living space while also being an environmentally wise choice.

Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, Hurford Hardwood make maximum use of the resource when producing Ultra10 Solid hardwood overlay flooring, creating 10mm thick boards that are incredibly stable and have the same lifespan as much thicker hardwood flooring products.

Designed to be installed over a solid subfloor, such as plywood and particle board flooring, Ultra10 Solid hardwood overlay flooring has many features and benefits, including:

  • excellent value - by using less wood fibre and increasing the cover to 86mm, Ultra10 Solid is an extremely valuable resource and can be offered at an excellent value per m²
  • straightline processed - a straight overlay product is a big help in the installation and ensures a speedy completion
  • 10mm thick - matches well to other floor coverings
  • 5.5mm wear layer - will last multiple recoats under normal conditions
  • better use of the resource - Ultra10 Solid uses less than half the wood fibre than a traditional 80mm x 19mm; a huge saving on the environment.
Ultra10 Solid hardwood overlay flooring is available in a wide range of species, offering a diverse colour palette to choose from. These species include:
  • Spotted Gum - light coffee brown to dark chocolate with some reddish tinges
  • Sydney Blue Gum - dark, rich pink through to deep red-brown
  • Flooded Gum - palest pink to soft red.
  • Blackbutt - cream to pale brown
  • Brushbox - pinkish grey to a rich, reddish brown
  • Grey Ironbark - pale brown to dark chocolate brown, may also include some dark, luscious reds.
Ultra10 Solid hardwood overlay flooring is available in Select, Prestige and Rustic grades, allowing the choice of a floor with minimum or large naturalrustic features.