The latest addition to the HPM exhaust fan range – the ducted ceiling exhaust fan - is designed to suit both standard and multi-storey roof installations.

A high performance exhaust fan which allows moist air and odours to be ducted to the outside, it has an efficient (40W max) and quiet motor making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

It also has a built-in draught stopper which closes when the exhaust fan is not operating. This saves energy by preventing warm air from escaping in cooler months and cool air from escaping in warmer months.

Other key features of the ducted ceiling exhaust fan include:

· 100mm to 150mm adapter allows use of 100mm or 150mm duct

· air movement rates of 200m3/hr with 3m of 100mm ducting and 300m3/hr with 3m of 150mm ducting

· hole cut-out size of 298mm diameter

· comes complete with lead and plug ready for installation

· removable clip-on grille for ‘easy wipe’ cleaning

· toggle clamps for easy installation