The future of good-looking, intelligent Australian homes is a complete automation system from BTicino - available through HPM Legrand .

BTicino specialises in complete and contemporary electrical systems from standard switches and outlets, to the My Home automation system.

Providing more options for customers seeking distinctive style and advanced technology solutions, BTicino’s design philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: modular design, miniaturisation and multi-function.

Ideal to BTicino’s My Home system is a complete suite of automated applications available for a home or commercial premises: lighting and blind control; multi-room audio distribution; temperature control; audio and video intercoms; and security surveillance systems.

This complete offering eliminates the complications that can occur when integrating a variety of systems to achieve required results, for example, combining a lighting system with a different security surveillance system.

As a complete solution, automated devices, such as audio and temperature controllers, share the same wall plates as non-automated devices, like basic switches and outlets.

This helps maintain a consistent design aesthetic throughout a project. Basic BTicino switches can be upgraded to automated devices with little effort - the mechanism simply needs to be exchanged.

“BTicino has been the perfect synthesis between beautiful design and innovative technology for over 50 years,” says Brook Lawson, BTicino Australia National Category Manager for building management.

“The brand represents the very best in Italian design and production and now BTicino can contribute to the modernisation of Australian homes and buildings.

“The greater presence of technologically advanced systems in buildings demonstrates the need to optimise automated functions in homes and in the service sector.

“In Australia we are seeing a growing trend towards home automation, with the number of houses with smart wiring doubling in just three years2. In this day and age, developing properties without the foundation for automation will only hamper their future value.”

Including door entry systems, surveillance system lighting, multimedia home networking, multi-room audio distribution and temperature control, My Home can direct all the different components of an electrical system and make them communicate.

The components of My Home, which offer comfort (sound diffusion, automation of lights or blinds), safety (home CCTV), communication (door entry system) and control solutions, are based on a digital BUS system, a two wire connection system.

With a BUS system, all devices are connected together by a signal line (BUS), dedicated to exchanging information and to transporting the power supply voltage.

All of the My Home devices are connected in parallel to the connection cable, which is an unshielded twisted pair cable. The actuator devices, that is, the devices that control the loads, are connected to the 240 V AC power supply as well as to the BUS line.

There are three levels of configuring My Home: Basic (point-to-point), Virtual and Web-server configuration. At the Basic level, simple scenes can be programmed (16 scenes and up to 100 functions per scene), as well as multi-room audio and basic group controls.

At the Virtual level, the system is programmed by a PDA or PC. This makes the system faster to configure as components don't need to be physically adjusted. Fault-finding is also easier, because it is possible to distinguish whether it is a device or the load that is faulty.

Programming at the Web-server level is conducted through a scenario controller that sits in the distribution board. Proving the vast capability of the system, this allows for up to 300 scenes with 100 functions per scene and for ‘if’, ‘then’ and ‘or’ programming.

“Home automation has been the main thrust of new product innovation in recent years,” added Brook Lawson.

“What sets the BTicino My Home system apart from others is its talent for combining functionality and ease of installation with style.

“The study of forms, materials and colours has resulted in a new vision of design. A design which, for BTicino, does not merely play a decorative role but one that contributes to the advancement of new solutions which further enhance lifestyles.”

BTicino has always sought to maintain aesthetic qualities combined with those of comfort and ease of use. The versatile modular system allows both the automated devices and the standard switches and outlets to share the same selection of coverplates.

Intelligent devices can be integrated with built-in video cameras, chrono-thermostats, and/or infrared detectors with the same coverplates used for switches and power outlets.

The BTicino product range includes dimmers, infrared detectors, touchscreens, thermostats and chronothermostats, timers, lamps, bells, audio and video door entry systems, surveillance systems, burglar alarms, movement sensors and cameras.

Furthermore, over 50 coverplates are available in three different styles: the Light, Light Tech, and Living ranges in gum-resin, die-cast metal, aluminium and woodgrain.

The BTicino product design has been internationally acknowledged through the Compasso d’Oro, German Roter Punkt, Intel design and Reddot awards.